Infinity 3D editor 1.0 released

May 9, 2020 | News

I3deditor 1.0 in OSX

Infinity 3D editor 1.0 has been released. I3deditor allows to step inside the artistic process with smooth real-time ray traced canvas. I3deditor is available now for Windows, OS X and Linux. Commercial royalty-free studio license is free for a limited time period.

Controls of the editor include:

  • scene tree
  • transform control
  • slider based inline material editor
  • drag & drop add lights, primitives and cameras
  • mesh import
  • primitive specific options

Primitive specific options include spotlight's ray traced shadow casting toggle and surface representation toggle of a mesh between polygonal or subdivision.

The editor's source code will also be available as part of SDK 1.0.

Picture above is I3deditor 1.0 running in OS X in its dark mode. The editor is a native GUI program in Windows, OSX and Linux with visual look and behavior determined accordingly.

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