Engine SDK

First release date before the end of 2019

Infinity 3D is very soon available as a C/C++ SDK that includes GUI editor.

Licensing model

Interactive entertainment

Once you ship your Product you pay 2% of gross revenue after the first 2000$ per Product per calendar quarter.

No royalties are owed for financial winnings generated by awards for your Product.

Other Products

Royalty-free license price is 1200$ per development seat with updates until the next major version.

This includes the use of the technology as a real-time 3D viewport in your Products.

For rendering, animation and modeling programs the price is 3000$.

InfinityEditor standalone

InfinityEditor standalone is royalty free licensed until TBD.

This means the program can be freely used also for commercial purposes.

After this time period a royalty-free perpetual license will be available for about 50$.