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Infinity 3D editor

Infinity 3D editor 1.08 tech demo. Screenshots.

Released 31 May 2021


Infinity 3D SDK

Infinity 3D SDK is currently available on request for application developers. It consists of a single C/C++ header file, one dynamic library file with no dependencies for each supported operating system and documentation and samples.

System requirements

Operating system

Windows 7+, Mac OS X 10.9+ or Linux with glibc 2.15+.


Dual core SSE2+ Intel or AMD (AVX2+ gives the best performance).


2GB+ system memory (32GB+ for rendering at 32K UHD).

Video card

OpenGL 1.5+ (4.3+ gives the best performance). This requirement applies to the editor only.


Studio edition

Royalty free perpetual (no time limit) use of Infinity 3D technology version 1 for products that do not distribute parts of the technology.

Currently Infinity 3D editor is free to try and to use commercially. Current price estimate for plugins for 3d software is $49 / license / person.

Games edition

Use of Infinity 3D technology for a game when distributing parts of the technology with the game.

Once you ship your game you pay 1% of gross revenue after the first 2000$ per game per calendar quarter or custom license terms.

Application developer edition

Royalty free use of Infinity 3D technology version 1 for non-game products that distribute parts of the technology*.

Price: $40 / per month for 12 months (total $480) for one perpetual (no time limit) developmental seat.

*Only available for products that do not compete with Infinity 3D technologies (Infinity 3D engine, Infinity 3D editor and Infinity 3D plugins for other software).