Infinity 3D engine

Real-time ray tracing engine for games, visualizations and simulations

Modern livingroom render

Real-time ray traced shadows

Intricate, detailed, clean, dynamic, stable and accurate shadows in real-time. Drastic image quality improvement compared to standard shadow mapping technique.

Classic house render

Real-time ray traced 3D geometry

Direct ray tracing of subdivision limit surface, polygonal meshes, primitives and constructive solid geometry. Attractive detailed, sharp and lifelike 3D geometry every frame.

Rasterization vs Ray-tracing

Standard rasterized smooth shaded triangles (left) and Infinity 3D real-time ray traced patches (right)

Sportscar interior

Discrete GPU not required

Novel real-time 3D graphics architecture with CPU based real-time ray tracing combined with standard GPU rasterization, effects and post processing.

CPU render

Standalone editor available

Import and place meshes. Drag&drop add lights, primitives and cameras. Slider based material editing. Smooth noiseless real-time ray traced canvas. Create games, animations and renderings. Native editor for Windows, OSX and Linux. Source available.

I3deditor 1.0 in OSX

Sneak peek video from 2016

Still Life

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