Modern livingroom render

Infinity 3D engine

Real-time ray tracing graphics engine for visualizations, games and simulations.

Real-time ray traced shadows

Intricate, detailed, clean, dynamic, stable and accurate shadows. Drastic image quality improvement compared to standard shadow mapping technique.

Mansion render with ray-traced shadows Mansion render with shadow mapping shadows

Real-time ray traced 3D geometry

Direct ray tracing of subdivision limit surface, primitives and constructive solid geometry. Smooth, detailed, sharp and lifelike 3D geometry every frame.

Sportscar interior real-time ray traced patches Sportscar interior 70k smooth shaded triangles

CPU based graphics technology

Novel real-time 3D graphics architecture with CPU based ray tracing at game play speed.

CPU render

GUI editor demo and visualization SDK available

Visualization SDK allows for embedding as a real-time viewport or a renderer into other software.

Infinity 3D editor Linux screenshot

Tech introduction video

2022 updated video shows real-time graphics with Infinity 3D.

Sportscar interior

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